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views of education in america, this marriage of traditional classrooms with digital technology and has been employing them in a way that flipped our traditional model of education. >> in by the way salmon khan appeared on our "after words" program so if he wants to watch that author on just type in his name. a long history between 12 and christopher hitchens. >> we published christopher in 2007. is the second but we published and number one "new york times" bestseller. after that book we published his first memoir, "hitch 22" followed last september by a collection called arguably. which also went to be a bestseller. under extreme circumstances, he was very ill at the time. we had hoped to publish a book, and longer book about his illness and ultimately we collected many of the pieces that he wrote for "vanity fair." greg carter wrote an introduction for the book and is widow carol blue wrote a beautiful afterwards piece. >> you will be at the miami book fair next week, november 17 and 18th along with carol blue and art name is, right? >> that's going to be an interesting pa
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1